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At Principle Funding Group, we understand that our team members have employment options…lots of them. So we have put considerable effort into providing a healthy work environment full of opportunities.

We understand that your career decisions are life decisions. We can assure you that we are dedicated to helping our team members get more than valuable experience and a paycheck out of their careers at Principle Funding Group (though neither of those are too shabby). Let’s talk about the career benefits that set us apart!

Benefits, Reward & Incentives

  • Paid Time Off: You begin accruing paid time off right away. Full-time team members earn up to 80 hours of PTO time in their first year of service based on hours worked! We allow a generous rollover of time to ensure our team members get the recreation and vacation time they need when they need it.

  • 401K Retirement Contributions: We offer a generous matching policy (100% for the first 3%, 50% for 4-5% contributions) after 12 months of service.

  • Monthly and Quarterly Rewards: Who wants to work somewhere dull? Why not work in a fast-paced performance driven environment? At Principle Funding Group, we set challenging goals for each month and quarter. We assign a theme to each quarterly goal, and we mix it up with games and competitions, while offering exciting prizes and rewards for each benchmark that is met.

  • Annual Revenue Goals: It’s no secret that our goals are aggressive, and we want to recognize hard work! We are constantly thinking of ways to recognize our team members for meeting and exceeding corporate goals. Our 2017 annual revenue goal is 5.8M. If we hit the goal, we are headed to Disneyland!

  • Team Member Core Values Recognition Program: Peers are able to nominate team members for meeting and/or exceeding expectations in relation to our values. Those recognized can earn prizes and awards based on their nominations.

  • Gym: An onsite gym is the perfect place to start or end your day – free of cost!

  • Recreation: We have season Utah Jazz tickets and Platinum Top Golf passes that are regularly shared with team members.


Flexibility & Accommodations

  • Casual Dress Code: This is often the perk most team members love most! We don’t believe that a skirt or tie is necessary to do professional work. Leave them at home! Come to work in blue jeans, bring your A-game, and let’s redefine quality.

  • Epic Breakroom: We have a terrific breakroom that boasts a Coke fountain machine with more than 3,000 flavors, unlimited coffee beverages, a ping pong table, and more. We want you to use this space to mingle with people in other departments…so why not make it great?!

  • Full On-Site Kitchen: Enjoy the convenience of a full kitchen here at the office. Refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, coffee maker, and plenty of pantry space.

  • Office Space Redefined: Our office space is wide open. We don’t have a lot of walls; we want our teams to work as teams. We’ve installed noise dampeners to help keep unnecessary sounds to a minimum, and we have “phone booths” designed for private conversations. Each workspace is equipped with a sit-to-stand adjustable desk to accommodate your day-to-day or minute-to-minute workstation preference.

  • Designated & Respected Lactation Room: Our nursing mothers deserve a quiet and clean space to ensure they feel comfortable and confident in their ability to meet the needs of their little ones. We’ve made sure to take this in to consideration when designing our office.

  • Convenient/Dedicated Parking: No walking a mile in the snow here! You get a reserved parking spot right by the door.

Personal Development & Corporate Responsibility

  • Connected to Administration: We take the term “open door” seriously. All team members get the personal phone number of the company President and CEO. This isn’t just a gesture, we want our team members to use this number as needed.

  • Corporate Games: As often as possible, we participate in the Corporate Games event, competing against companies of similar size in a variety of cup events. It is fun to compete as a team, and we’ve even won some medals!

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